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Would you like to learn more about what a herbal vag tightening stick is? Then, you have reached the right place.

Keep reading to get to know about the Secret Ceres vagina tightening stick and why the century old practice of using herbal vagi sticks is now getting so popular, read customer’s experiences using Secret Ceres and everything you need to know to properly use the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick!



A vagina stick – What exactly is Secret Ceres?

Secret Ceres™ is a stick or wand made from natural herbs and gets placed into the vagina. It’s composed of very potent and all-natural herbs to tighten the vagina which also have countless other nurturing benefits for your vagina.

Secret Ceres has actually been applied and loved by thousands of women for centuries especially in Asia as an effective natural way to maintain, cleanse and invigorate the vagina in addition to heighten libido.


Secret Ceres – This premium herbal vaginal tightening stick has numerous benefits

Secret Ceres is a special made herbal and mineral formula intended to assist the body’s normal detox processes and increase the circulation of blood to a woman’s sacred portal. Secret Ceres achieves this by integrating the therapeutic properties of specific herbs. These natural herbs induce healing and tissue rejuvenation in the vagina.

What follows is a listing of probably the most significant Secret Ceres benefits:

  • Heightens libido and sexual response
  • Makes the vagina tighter yet supple – No chemicals or surgery needed!
  • Wave bye to vaginal dryness and enhance natural lubrication
  • Shedding dead skin and rejuvenating the vagina
  • Activates the body’s natural detoxification process inside your vagina
  • Helps postpartum healing of the vagina (with treatment not starting before approx 4-6 weeks following childbirth)
    Supports a hygienic, healthy and balanced flora inside your vagina


Secret Ceres directions for a successful experience

Each herbal vaginal stick manufacturer recommends slightly different user instructions, based on the stick’s components.

The Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick must be applied as follows:

  • Moisten the Secret Ceres stick lightly using room temperature water
  • Wash your vagina and mindfully insert the Secret Ceres into the vagina whilst holding its end in between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Let it sit inside for 90 seconds.
  • If you feel that the Secret Ceres is “sucking” at the vagina walls, gently move it in a circular motion every fifteen seconds within the vagina.
  • After application, place back inside the package after washing the Secret Ceres under water and drying it with a non-colored towel.
  • This is how simple it really is to use the Secret Ceres herbal stick!


Give the Secret Ceres vaginal stick a try to see it work miracles for you.



A word on safety – Read this before applying an herbal vagi tightening stick


  • Does using Secret Ceres have unwanted effects? To this point, no side effects from using the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal sticks have been documented. Nevertheless, when considering vaginal sticks from other brands, please be aware that they might be of inferior quality and composed of potentially harmful components and therefore might have negative effects.
  • Do not use the Secret Ceres while menstruating or if you are taking vaginal medication.
  • Please speak with a physician first if you have a serious vaginal disease, have recently given childbirth or are currently pregnant.


Please go to our Secret Ceres FAQ page to learn more about the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal tightening stick.

What is the composition of Secret Ceres?

Based on a centuries-old formula, this wholistic 100% organic product has only the top quality natural ingredients – powerful biodynamically grown herbs, along with supportive crystals and minerals to give nutrition for the woman’s whole being from within.

Go here for a complete list of ingredients.

Secret Ceres vagi stick customer experiences

Many women globally have confirmed great results after using the Secret Ceres herbal vagi stick:




We hope that we provided you with satisfying answers to any questions you might have had around a herbal vag tightening stick and that you also feel inspired to begin or carry on with this great self-care ritual for your vagina.

Visit our Secret Ceres FAQ site for more information regarding the Secret Ceres herbal vagina tightening stick.

If you have any further questions, be sure to get in touch with us through our web form.


To maintain or develop a healthy and happy vagina, try the Secret Ceres herbal vag tightening stick.