How do Yoni Eggs work? – Get to know everything about Yoni Eggs

Let’s talk about the question ‘ How do Yoni Eggs work? ’! Read on to learn about Yoni Eggs, how to exercise with them properly and how to pick the most suitable one for you!


Introduction: What is a Yoni egg?

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for vagina, it means “Sacred Space” – truly a suitable name for this wonderful part of the woman’s body.

Yoni Eggs are crystals sculpted into the shape of a small egg and created to be carefully inserted inside the vagina.

The Yoni Egg practice was originally designed by Taoist practitioners in order to improve dexterity and strength of the pelvic floor muscles, as well as, to channel and transmute sexual energy. Taoist practitioners practiced to progress spiritually, but also to expand their levels of sensual pleasure as well as to boost their health and increase longevity.

In China, Yoni Egg practice has been embraced by the female members of royal families as a pathway to a very satisfying love life and accessing sexual power. It made it easier for them to be incredible lovers and to preserve radiant overall health and youthfulness.

Just like yoga practice, Yoni Egg practice has long been hidden and held secret – up until recently.


Yoni Egg Exercises – The Most Important Aspects Of Yoni Egg Practice

You can practice with your Yoni Egg in any way you want, based on your goal. The most significant component of your Yoni Egg practice is mindfulness and loving intention.

As with every exercise routine, a consistent Yoni Egg practice is much better than an irregular one. And irregular practice is better than no practice at all! You can see powerful results soon when you use a Yoni Egg for only ten minutes regularly.

  • When using your Yoni Egg it is going to be supportive when you hold a space of self-care and self-love for yourself.
  • Practicing with mindfulness and pleasure, rather than simply going through the mechanical aspects, will certainly make a world of difference. Set aside some ‘me time’ that’s only for you and begin by gently massaging your breast. The more love you give yourself and also your body, the more love you are going to be able to share with others.
  • Doing a formal exercise routine is a nice way to start your practice! However, you can also let your intuition ease you into your practice. Listen to your heart and your body and allow them to lead the way!
  • Please remember to bring awareness to relaxation during your Yoni Egg practice! Especially after contracting the muscles in your yoni, it is key to focus on relaxing and melting them again. The goal is to increase flexibility while building articulate muscles. Therefore, you could consider practicing with a Yoni Egg as yoga for your yoni, which alternates stretching and straining, tension and relaxation.


Along with your Yoni Egg purchase comes a extensive practice guide that explains all the Yoni Egg practices and how to exercise with a Yoni Egg correctly. In addition, we are going to shed light on common questions like ’How do I insert the Yoni Egg?’, ‘How to take out a Yoni Egg safely?’, ’For how long shall I leave in the Yoni Egg?’, and others.

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The fundamental principles behind Yoni Egg practice – How do Yoni Eggs actually work?

Doing Yoni Egg exercises regularly can reward you with lots of benefits for your romantic life, self-image, general emotional wellbeing and health.

According to traditional Taoist Yoni Eggs practices, Yoni eggs are actually inserted into the vagina, and then a number of exercises are performed which will assist in building supple and articulate vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

Far Eastern movement practices such as belly dance, Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi emphasize on the state of the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvis is the seat of life force energy, “Qi”, prana, kundalini or sexual energy – whatever name you would like to use. When there is excess tension in the pelvic floor the energy is not circulating freely throughout the whole body and gets “stuck”. On the other hand, when the pelvic area is not so strong, this important energy could easily “leak out” and be lost.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle in which we sit all day and rarely ever consciously use the pelvic floor muscles – as many of us do in this day and age – can lead to reproductive health problems. Those can range from pain during the period to reduced sensitivity and sensation, incontinence after delivery or perhaps in senior years to overall decreased energy levels.

When we give our pelvic area full attention, when we develop supple yet strong pelvic floor muscles, we feel grounded, embodied, energized, we have passion for life and generally feel good in our bodies.

In addition, numerous women are convinced that routinely engaging in Yoni Egg practice has been conducive for emotional healing. Most of us store emotions in the emotional and physical bodies, and women hold lots of emotional baggage mostly in the pelvic area.

Yoni Egg can really help to connect to your sexuality and body without having a goal or agenda.

Once we approach our body with intentionality and a feeling of curiosity and without having any goal, it is easier to explore our true erotic potential… We can learn to fully inhabit our whole body and love ourselves unconditionally… We can explore new kinds of pleasure we did not dream were in the realm of possibilities…

Women’s pleasure potential is actually unlimited!

Yoni Eggs can assist you in increasing your level of sensitivity inside your yoni, experiencing a lot more pleasure and in un-locking new kinds of orgasm.

We will give you some of the Yoni Egg exercises within our practice guidebook that is included with your Yoni Egg purchase.

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How To Choose The Best Yoni Egg For Beginners? A Short Yoni Egg Guide – What is the Best Yoni Egg Crystal?

Yoni Eggs are typically carved from numerous types of beautiful and unique semi precious stones.

Many are safe to put inside, however please know that not every type of crystal is safe to be placed inside the yoni, particularly for a prolonged time. We carry the below GIA certified and body safe Yoni Egg crystals:

  • Jade Yoni Eggs:
    Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs, Black Jade Yoni Eggs, Blue Jade Yoni Eggs, Siberian Jade Yoni Eggs, White Jade Yoni Eggs, Lilac Jade Egg, Rainbow Jade Egg
  • Obsidian Yoni Eggs
  • Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs


According to Taoist teachings, there are three types of stones used for Yoni Egg exercise. Women would begin with healing Jade, then bring in Black Obsidian to work with and integrate her ‘shadow,’ and after that once she feels ready, she would use Rose Quartz which has properties that open the Heart. Those stones have been practiced with for for millennia and their safety and healing benefits are well established.

While it is our advice that you begin the practice using a Jade Yoni Egg, please listen to your own intuition and body. It is a personal practice and no one will provide you with better advice. So, if you really feel guided to work with a certain gemstone or a variety of different crystals, of course go for it! Even when it is your first Yoni Egg.


Where Can I Buy Yoni Eggs And Make Sure They Are GIA Certified?

Given the rising popularity and demand for Yoni Eggs in the West, there are unfortunately numerous fakes and stones made from inferior quality pressed stone chips on the market you have to beware of.
Look for GIA certification to make sure the Yoni Egg is genuine. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is an esteemed certification institute in the Western world in the field of gemology and jewelry.

Please don’t buy a stone from a crystal store that is not sold as a Yoni Egg. Artificial fillers, dyes and chemicals are widely-used throughout the production process of most decorative crystals available on the market today.

We guarantee the highest quality standards for our various Yoni Eggs, ben wa balls and crystal wands under our Love Stone brand. Our Yoni Eggs are GIA certified and have been manufactured without any chemicals or dyes. We have three step quality-control and manually check every single crystal prior to sending it to you. You may shop for our high quality Yoni Eggs here.


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