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We all know the feeling of “magnetic attraction”. Have you ever had the feeling of hugging someone so tightly with full body contact but feeling like you cannot get close enough?

What you are looking for is union, or the innate oneness of the two. Masculine and feminine energies appear as two, and as opposites, attracting and completing each other. And when I say masculine and feminine I mean the energies, not the gender. And so it is no surprise that we often look for another person to “complete” us and to fulfill our needs.

The truth is all of us regardless of our gender have both masculine and feminine energies within us, the yin and the yang.

The inner call for union and for wholeness is a call to remember we already are whole!

Masculine and feminine aspects or yin and yang energies are actually inseparable, but appear as two.

This truth of our nature is played out in our intimate experience of attraction where two appear to attract. The attraction of these energies to each other is itself the natural calling for union and is meant to be a joyous blessing and a springboard for deeper and deeper satisfaction, bliss and spiritual awakening.

We often think that this inner call will be filled by someone or something outside of us.

However, when we come from a place of longing and lack, and seeking completion from another, we attract or engage in our existing relationship with a magnetizing foundation of unconscious wounds.

When instead we heal our inner masculine and feminine our inner and outer lives change. We no longer try to fill our inner needs and longing with the love from another. Instead we rest in our own inner ecstatic wholeness whether we are single or in a relationship.

But would I still want to be in a relationship if I am “complete and whole” you might be asking?


A healthy desire for a relationship goes beyond need fulfillment. There are many reasons to want to be in a relationship. One of the reasons is to experience ourselves through the mirror of the other, and to experience the astounding otherness of another person. All relationships offer this possibility, and romantic partnership is most often a place where we can experience the deepest parts of ourselves.

When we experience inner union of the masculine and feminine it’s a total game changer!

We then live with inner bliss and incredible expanding inner delight and satisfaction on the inside. We innately radiate powerful healthy magnetism on the outside that transforms our current relationship or attracts balanced relationships that resonate with our inner joy and wholeness.

Whether you are single or in partnership, the ecstatic wholeness is where the real fun begins and the possibilities are limitless!

When I was in my teens I was fascinated by the yin/yang symbol, the absolute equal balance of the two, relation to masculine and feminine and that each contained the other. If you look at the symbol you see that at the fullest aspect of one, the opposite is completely at the center. They are inseparable.

Years later I discovered the inner masculine and feminine within and that their inner union, not only elicited profound shifts in consciousness, but could produce ecstatic enlightened embodiment. When we meet the center of anything, when we surrender to the deepest center point of any sensation, whether painful or pleasurable, we can discover a profound wholeness of being, far beyond the initial surface of the experience.

I used to surrender through intense menstrual cramps in my early twenties to find their source point and transform the cramps into relaxation. And now I surrender through bliss and pleasure states to open even more profoundly to the ecstatic Source of all beings that we each are.

So whether we are in partnership or not, healing the inner masculine and feminine and cultivating inner union are pathways to spiritual awakening and an ecstatic life.