Jade Egg Benefits – Feel Much More Sensation And Pleasure During Love Making


Let’s talk about Jade Egg Benefits ! Read on to learn about Yoni Eggs, their benefits and everything you need to keep in mind before choosing one for yourself or a friend!

What is the Best Yoni Egg Crystal?

Yoni Eggs are created from many types of stunning and exotic semi precious stones.

Many are safe to use inside, however please understand that not every type of crystal is safe to be placed in the vagina, especially for a longer time. We offer under our Love Stone brand the below body safe and GIA certified Yoni Egg crystals:

  • Jade Yoni Eggs: Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs, Black Jade Yoni Eggs, Blue Jade Yoni Eggs, White Jade Yoni Eggs, Siberian Jade Yoni Eggs, Lilac Jade Egg, Rainbow Jade Egg
  • Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs
  • Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs


According to Taoist teachings, there are three kinds of gemstones used. Women would start with healing Jade, then she would bring in Black Obsidian to work with and integrate her ‘shadow,’ and then finally once she feels ready, Rose Quartz which opens the Heart. Those gemstones have been practiced with for thousands of years and their healing benefits and safety are time tested.

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Jade Egg Benefits

What other Yoni Egg practitioners have experienced as a result of their regular Yoni Egg practice:

  • Increase your sexual libido and experience a lot more aliveness day to day.
  • Enhance natural lubrication in your yoni – it doesn’t matter how old you are
  • Unleash your true erotic and sensual side side
  • Heal emotional pain and increase overall physical well-being.
  • Feel more empowered in your body.
  • Bring more bliss and sensitivity into your love life.
  • Feeling more intimacy and connection with your lover.
  • Becoming more orgasmic and discovering new types of orgasm – g spot, vaginal, cervical, etc.
  • Several moms who have just given birth exercise with Yoni Eggs to assist in after birth recovery.
  • Develop strong and toned, yet supple muscles in your yoni.
  • Bring your spiritual practice to the next level.
  • Several women who practice with Yoni Eggs report a reduction of PMS related mood swings, menstrual cramping and the length of their menses.
  • Develop an intimate and nurturing relationship with your vagina, your entire body and ultimately yourself.
  • And many other benefits!



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How do love eggs work? Underlying principles behind Yoni Eggs

Engaging in Yoni Egg exercises routinely can reward you with many amazing benefits for your love life, self-image, overall health and emotional well-being.

According to traditional Taoist Yoni Eggs practices, the Yoni Egg is actually put into the vagina, and while inside several exercises are performed that help build defined and supple pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

Far Eastern traditions like Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and belly dance place significant emphasis on the state of the pelvic area. The sacral area is actually where life force energy, sexual energy, kundalini, prana or ”Qi” is stored. These are all names relating to a similar principle, use whichever name feels most resonant. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak, then this important energy can easily “leak out” and get lost. On the other hand, if the pelvic floor is too tense the energy gets stagnant and is not moving freely throughout the the entire body.

Leading a sedentary life-style in which we sit all the time and rarely ever actively engage the pelvic floor muscles – like the majority of us do in this day and age – can result in reproductive health issues. Those can range from incontinence after delivery or in old age to cramping during menses, decreased sensitivity and sensation in the vagina to generally decreased energy levels.

If we build strong yet relaxed pelvic floor muscles, when we inhabit this part of our body, then we feel empowered, grounded, embodied, we have passion for life and generally feel good in our bodies.

Also, a lot of Yoni Egg practitioners are convinced that frequently doing Yoni Egg exercise helped them soothe deep seated emotional pain. Most of us carry unexpressed emotions within our physical and emotional bodies particularly in the pelvis and sexual organs.

Yoni Egg practice can really help to connect to your body and sexuality without a plan.

Once we approach our body with intention and also a feeling of curiosity and without an agenda, it is easier to uncover our true sexual potential… We can learn to accept our body fully and love ourselves unconditionally… We will be able to discover new kinds of sensual pleasure we did not dream were possible…

Women’s pleasure potential is actually limitless!

Yoni Egg practice can help you develop sensitivity, open up to new kinds of orgasms and expand your pleasure potential.

When you buy a Love Stone Yoni Egg from us, we will give you a Yoni Egg practice guide that features a number of the Yoni Egg exercises.

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How To Choose The Best Yoni Egg For Beginners? A Short Yoni Egg Guide

Yoni Eggs are a very personal thing and therefore we believe that every woman naturally feels which one is best for her personally.

Unless a particular Yoni Egg is calling you, we advise a medium-sized drilled Yoni Egg if it is your first introduction to Yoni Eggs or if you are getting a Yoni Egg as a present for another person. Listed below are some practical guidelines that explain why we feel a medium-sized drilled Yoni Egg is the ideal Yoni Egg for beginners.


What Is The Right Yoni Egg Size For Me?

Yoni Eggs basically come in 3 different sizes: small Yoni Eggs, medium Yoni Eggs and larger Yoni Eggs.

The majority of practitioners might start with a medium sized Egg – 30x45mm. It is irrelevant if you are a tall woman or are small – it depends on how strong your pelvic floor area is and also whether you have birthed a child before.

This might seem a little bit counter intuitive, but if the pelvic floor area is not so strong it may be preferable to begin with a larger Yoni Egg. As you progress in your practice, you could switch to a smaller Yoni Egg size. In case you have given birth before, went through menopause or are not certain what Yoni Egg size to start with, you might want to choose a set of three different sized eggs.

Having a set, you could begin with a larger Yoni Egg and gradually, as it feels right, work your way down in size, or perhaps exercise with different size Yoni Eggs at different times.

Go with a small egg if you have been exercising with your Yoni Egg for a longer time. Additionally, choose a smaller Yoni Egg if you experience excess tightness in your yoni.




Shall I Choose A Yoni Egg With String? What Are The Benefits? And What Is The Difference Between Drilled Yoni Eggs And Undrilled Yoni Eggs?

Drilled Yoni Eggs can be used for Yoni Egg practice with a string. They have a very small hole drilled into them, through which you can put a string. This allows for easy retrieval of the Yoni Egg during practice with it. Please note: You can also exercise with a drilled Yoni Egg without a string.

Undrilled Yoni Eggs can be easier to clean. However, with the undrilled Yoni Egg you might not have an option to retrieve the Yoni Egg as quickly as you would using a string. But rest assured, there are many quick tips to get the undrilled Yoni Egg out safely.

Are you unsure about getting a drilled Yoni Egg or an undrilled one? Take a moment, take a deep breath and tune into yourself: think about the way you would feel using a drilled Yoni Egg and an undrilled Yoni Egg, which one are you feeling more comfortable with? There is no right or wrong choice to make.

Give your root chakra some nourishing care and get one of our Yoni Eggs!



Where To Buy Yoni Eggs And Be Sure They Are GIA Certified?

As the interest and demand for Yoni Eggs increases in the Western world, you need to beware of the numerous fakes and gemstones made from lower quality pressed stone chips on the crystal market.

GIA Certification is really helpful. When your Yoni Egg is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a respected certification institute in the field of gemology and jewelry, then the Yoni Egg is of high quality.

Since the majority of decorative crystals offered on the gemstone market are manufactured with chemicals, colorings and artificial fillers, please don’t use a gemstone from a crystal store which is not specifically offered as a Yoni Egg.

Our Love Stone brand promises top quality standards for all our various Yoni Eggs, ben wa balls and crystal wands. No harsh chemicals or colorings are utilized during the manufacturing process. Our Yoni Eggs are GIA certified. We have a three step quality-control process and manually inspect each crystal prior to sending it to you. You may purchase our high quality Yoni Eggs in our online store.


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