Enjoy Free Priority Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $80 products were featured as a great Valentine’s day gift idea on the Elephant Journal’s website today: Alone? In Love? In Lust? This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is for (all of) You.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

I feel like we’re at a point in our societal maturity where I should be able to talk about my set of jade kegel weights openly and unabashedly.

Alas, I’m already blushing, so I’ll keep this one short and SFW.

These eggs are honestly beautiful. If I didn’t know what they were actually for, I would display them in a bowl with some other treasured stones I have. Actually, I do know what they’re for, and I still have them sitting on my dresser, so…yay feminism!

The eggs are natural jade stones, and there are no dyes or chemicals used to make them, which feels especially important, considering. The jade was not chosen arbitrarily, either—its properties and history are eloquently stated here.

This set in particular has three sizes of eggs, depending on your, um, experience.

Speaking of experience, these were my three stages of yoni egg use, respectively:

  1. Uncomfortable giggling.
  2. Purely practical trial and error.
  3. “Mmm yep, okay, I think I could get used to this.”

Whether you’re going solo or want to spread your love, this is a gift that is equally as enjoyable (for slightly different reasons) for the egg-user as the egg-user’s special friend.

> Available on Elephant Market. Get yours here.

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Alone? In Love? In Lust? This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is for (all of) You.
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