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Are you interested to learn more about what a magic stick vag tightener is? Then, you are on the right page.

Here, in this article you will learn all you need to know about the Secret Ceres herbal vagi stick and why they might be an essential part of your self pampering tool box, check out testimonials for the Secret Ceres vagina tightening stick and everything you need to know to safely use the Secret Ceres vagina tightening stick!



An herbal vaginal stick – What does Secret Ceres do?

Secret Ceres™ is a natural herbal wand or stick which carefully gets inserted inside your vagina. It’s composed of highly powerful and natural vagina tightening cleansing herbs which also have numerous other wonderful benefits for your precious portal.

For hundreds of years, Secret Ceres has been applied and loved by Asian women for cleansing, maintaining and rejuvenating sexual organs and also for increasing libido.


Secret Ceres – This luxurious organic herbal vagina stick has numerous health benefits

With its careful processing, the unique composition as well as the synergetic interaction of selected herbs and minerals, Secret Ceres is formulated to support the vagina while simultaneously inducing the body’s very own detoxification system as well as the regeneration of your vaginal skin in a fully natural way.

Listed below are some of the most significant Secret Ceres benefits:

  • Raises sexual satisfaction and sensation for both men and women
  • Tightens up the vaginal walls and enhances the elasticity of your vaginal area
  • Wave bye to vaginal dryness and enhance natural lubrication
  • Invigorating the vaginal area and getting rid of dead skin
  • Cleanses the vagina and improves odor
  • Rejuvenates birth canal after delivery (treatment may start around 4-6 weeks after birth)
    Improves a balanced vaginal microflora and vaginal mucosa


How to use Secret Ceres

The user guidelines for every herbal vagina stick differ slightly based on its composition.

Listed below are directions to use the Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick:

  • Wet the entire Secret Ceres stick gently with room temperature water
  • Mindfully slide the stick in the vagina while holding its end in between your thumb and index finger.
  • Allow it to stay for 90 seconds.
  • If you sense the Secret Ceres “sucking” against the vagina walls, gently move it in a circular motion every fifteen seconds inside your vagina.
  • After usage, put back in the package after rinsing the Secret Ceres under water and drying it with a non-colored towel.
  • The Secret Ceres herbal stick can be applied like that within minutes!


Give the Secret Ceres vagina tightening stick a try to see it work magic for yourself.



Side effects and contraindications – Read this before you make use of a vagi tightening stick


  • Is there any kind of side effect from using the Secret Ceres stick? Up to now, no adverse effects from using the Secret Ceres herbal vagi tightening sticks have been reported. However, when it comes to herbal vagina sticks from other brands in the market, please note that they might be of poor quality and composed of potentially unhealthy components and therefore might have negative effects.
  • It is advisable to avoid using the Secret Ceres while menstruating or when you are taking any kind of vaginal medication.
  • Remember to consult a physician first when you have a critical vaginal medical condition, have just given birth or are currently pregnant.


Go to our Secret Ceres FAQ site for additional information about the Secret Ceres vaginal stick.

What is the composition of Secret Ceres?

According to a centuries-old formula, this wholistic 100% natural product includes the best quality natural ingredients – strong biodynamically grown herbs, as well as beneficial minerals and crystals to deliver nourishment to a woman’s entire being from within.

For the full list of ingredients, just visit here.

Reviews from happy customers who used Secret Ceres

Many women all over the world have reported that they were experiencing incredible results from applying this herbal product:



Last thoughts

Hopefully, we were able to answer any questions you may have had around a magic stick vag tightener in a satisfying way and we sincerely hope that you also feel motivated to pursue or go on with this beautiful practice for your vagina.

For more information about the Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick, check out our Secret Ceres FAQ site.

In case you have any additional questions, be sure to get in touch with us via our web form.


Consider getting the Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick to see for yourself the nourishment it can give you.