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Would you like to know more about what a good alternative to Jamu Sticks is? Then, you are in the right place.

Right here in this article you will get to know all about the Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick, why it is a better alternative to Jamu Sticks and why it is so popular, read testimonials for the Secret Ceres vagina stick and everything you need to know to properly use the Secret Ceres vagina tightening stick!



So what is a herbal vagina stick – What exactly is Secret Ceres for?

Secret Ceres™ is an all-natural herbal wand or stick which carefully gets placed inside your sacred portal. Secret Ceres™ is an all-natural herbal wand or stick that is inserted into your vagina. The stick is a blend of highly powerful and organic herbs which may help regain the vagina’s tightness and elasticity.

The Secret Ceres formula has been regularly applied by numerous women all through history, specifically in Asian countries. It is said to maintain, detoxify, and invigorate sexual parts, as well as to increase sexual desire.


Advantages of Secret Ceres stick –
Why it’s a better alternative to Jamu Sticks

Secret Ceres is a uniquely formulated mineral and herbal formula meant to assist the body’s natural detox processes while enhancing the flow of blood towards the vagina. Secret Ceres accomplishes this by utilizing the therapeutic benefits of specific herbs. These natural herbs promote healing and tissue regeneration inside the vagina. This process makes the Secret Ceres vaginal stick higher quality compared to other brands like Jamu Sticks.

The following are some of the most significant Secret Ceres benefits:

  • Intensifies the sensation and pleasure for both spouses throughout intercourse
  • Tightens the vagina walls and enhances the elasticity of your vaginal area
  • Wave bye to vaginal dryness and raise the level of natural lubrication
  • Getting rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenating the vagina
  • Cleanses the vagina and improves odor
  • Supports postpartum healing of your vagina (with treatment not starting before approx 4 to 6 weeks after delivery)
    Increases vagina mucus generation and improves a healthy vaginal microflora


How to use Secret Ceres

There are actually slight variations in the user instructions that come with every vagi stick, based on their ingredients.

How to use Secret Ceres herbal vagi stick:

  • Gently moisten the Secret Ceres stick with water
  • Place the stick in the water-washed vagina whilst holding the end between your thumb and index finger.
  • Let it sit for 90 seconds.
  • Move the Secret Ceres in a circular motion every fifteen seconds within the vagina, if you feel it “sucking” against the walls.
  • After application, rinse the Secret Ceres under running water, dry using a non-colored cloth and put back in the package.
  • The Secret Ceres vagi stick can be applied just like that in seconds!


Idea: ready to try a vagic stick alternative?

Try the Secret Ceres vaginal stick to see for yourself the nourishment it can provide you.



Herbal vagi tightening sticks – Contraindications and side effects


  • Is there any side effect while using Secret Ceres? There are no identified adverse effects to using the natural Secret Ceres vaginal tightening stick. Having said that, please be aware that vagina sticks from other brands might be of inferior quality and made from potentially harmful ingredients and therefore might have unwanted side effects.
  • Don’t apply the Secret Ceres when you are having your period or when you are having vaginal prescription medication.
  • If you have a vaginal medical condition which is severe, or when you are an expectant mother or recently gave birth, please talk to a physician prior to using Secret Ceres.


For more detailed information concerning the Secret Ceres herbal vagina tightening stick, check out our Secret Ceres FAQ web page.

Secret Ceres – What is it made of?

This holistic wellness herbal vagi stick – based on a recipe that is centuries-old – brings together the highest quality natural ingredients, including special crystals and minerals, in addition to potent wild and biodynamically cultivated herbs. This unique blend offers each woman the very best quality solutions to nourish her entire body – specifically her sacred portal – from the inside out.

For a complete list of ingredients, kindly go here.

What our customers have to say about Secret Ceres

Countless women worldwide have shared great outcomes after applying the Secret Ceres stick:



Closing comments

We really hope that we were able to answer any questions you may have had around an herbal vagi stick and why Secret Ceres is a better alternative to Jamu Sticks and that you also feel motivated to pursue or continue this great routine of using an herbal vagi stick for your sacred portal.

To learn more about the Secret Ceres vagina tightening stick, go to our Secret Ceres FAQ page.

In case you have any further questions, be sure to get in touch with us by using our contact form.


Give the Secret Ceres vaginal stick a try and see it work magic for yourself.