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Are you interested to learn more about what a good organic Serre Stick alternative is? Then, you have arrived at the right place.

Read on to get to know about the Secret Ceres vaginal stick, why it’s a better Serre Stick alternative and why the century old practice of using herbal vagi sticks is now getting so popular, read testimonials for the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick and everything you need to know to properly use the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick!



What is a herbal vagina stick – What is Secret Ceres for?

Secret Ceres™ is a wand or stick made from natural herbs and gets inserted into your sacred portal. This product contains natural and very potent herbs that can help you restore firmness, tightness and health for your vagina.

Secret Ceres has been applied and appreciated by innumerable women for many centuries particularly in Asia as an effective natural solution to maintaining, detoxing and rejuvenating sexual organs in addition to heighten libido.


Benefits of Secret Ceres vagina stick & Why it is a better Serre Stick alternative

Because of the processing procedures, the unique composition and the synergistic interaction of selected organic herbal ingredients and minerals, Secret Ceres is made to nurture the vagina whilst simultaneously stimulating the body’s very own detoxification mechanism and also the rejuvenation of the vaginal skin in a completely natural way. This makes the Secret Ceres stick better than other brands like the Serre Stick.

Listed below are some of the most significant Secret Ceres benefits:

  • Naturally firms and tightens the vagina
  • Lubricate the vagina and minimize dryness
  • Improves the pleasure and sexual enjoyment for both spouses during sexual intercourse
  • Rejuvenate and maintain healthy sexual organs
  • Supports a healthy vaginal mucosa and vaginal microflora
  • Improves odor and cleanses the vagina
  • Rejuvenates vagina after delivery (application can start around 4 to 6 weeks after having given birth)


Secret Ceres instructions for a proper application

Every herbal vaginal stick manufacturer recommends slightly different user instructions, depending on the stick’s composition.

The Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick must be used as follows:

  • Gently wet the entire Secret Ceres stick using water
  • Place into the washed vagina so that you still hold the end of the stick between your thumb and index finger.
  • Let it stay inside for 30-90 seconds.
  • If it feels like the Secret Ceres is “sucking” against the vagina walls, rotate it every 15 seconds within the vagina.
  • After usage, put back inside the package after cleaning the Secret Ceres under water and drying it with a non-colored towel.
  • That’s how simple it is to use the Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick!


Idea: ready to try a vagic stick alternative?

To maintain or develop a smiling and healthy vagina, try the Secret Ceres herbal vagi stick.



When not to apply an herbal vagi tightening stick – A word on safety


  • Does making use of the Secret Ceres vagi stick have unwanted effects? There are no identified adverse effects when applying the herbal Secret Ceres vagi stick. Nevertheless, please note that vaginal sticks from other brands may be of low quality and composed of potentially unhealthy components and so could have side effects.
  • Do not use the Secret Ceres during menstruation or in case you are undergoing vaginal medical treatment.
  • You should consult a doctor first when you have a critical vaginal medical condition, just have given birth or are an expectant mother.


Take a look at our Secret Ceres FAQ page to learn more regarding the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick.

Secret Ceres ingredients

This wholistic wellness product – based on a formula which is centuries-old – brings together the highest quality 100 % natural ingredients, which includes special crystals and minerals, in addition to potent biodynamically grown herbs. The mix delivers each woman the very best quality solutions to nourish her body – especially her precious portal – from the inside out.

Go here for the entire listing of ingredients.

Testimonials from women who got Secret Ceres

Countless women around the globe are reporting the incredible transformation they have been experiencing after using the Secret Ceres herbal stick:



Last thoughts

We sincerely hope that we gave satisfying answers to any questions you may have had around an herbal vagina stick and why Secret Ceres is a better alternative to the Serre Stick and that you feel inspired to begin or carry on with this beautiful self care routine of using a vaginal stick for your sacred portal.

For more information about the Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick, go to our Secret Ceres FAQ page.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may still have through our contact page form.


Give the Secret Ceres vaginal stick a try and see it work magic for you.