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During an interview on Conan, popular actress and badass woman Regina Hall told Conan O’Brien about her practice of using egg shaped crystals to strengthen her pelvic floor. Hall even confessed to wearing one during the interview.

The feminine practice of using eggs made of jade, rose quartz and obsidian crystal to strengthen the pelvic floor emerged a few thousand years ago in Ancient China. The egg shaped crystals, called Yoni Eggs, borrow the Sanskrit word for vagina, yoni, which literally means sacred space. For millennia the practice of using a Yoni Egg was kept a secret and available only to royalty.

Yoni Egg practice emerged recently in the west – first in the tantric and quigong communities but is beginning its introduction to mainstream society. Similar to the trajectory of yoga a few decades ago, Yoni eggs are rapidly gaining popularity with the help of enlightened celebrities like Regina spreading the word. Well done, Regina, well done!

Watch the interview here: