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Jade Pleasure Online Course

If you are ready to start a jade egg practice or take your existing  yoni egg practice to the next level;
Have more self love and confidence; experience waves of exquisite bliss in your body, and feel happy for no apparent reason
this 7-Week Jade Egg Master Class with Layla Martin is for you!
Enrollment is open December 15- December 22.
The course will Begin January 7th. Learn more HERE

My dear Teacher Layla Martin is currently offering her most popular online course Jade Pleasure and I just cannot help but share the news with you!
I took many online courses, workshops and teacher training on this subject, but it is Layla who continually blows my mind with the depth of her knowledge, love for celebration, her deep care for women and passion to carry out her mission.
Women’s Health Magazine calls Layla the ‘Headmistress of Pleasure,’ and she is a leading expert on female sexuality and yoni eggs. 
Yoni egg practice is kind of like yoga for your vagina, but just like with yoga to get the most out of your practice you really need to know the right techniques.
The course is chock full of information and is enough of a resource to help you create a custom Yoni Egg practice you can enjoy for life.
This journey  is designed for YOU and is perfect regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship or ever plan on being in one.
I know that we all have busy lives, but I also know that experience of many women is that even 10 minutes of practice a week will make a difference!
The course starts on January 7th – I’d argue prioritising your wellness and pleasure is the best New Year resolution you can imagine.
Because when your yoni is happy you are happy too;)
In pleasure,

Learn more about the course HERE

PS. This course comes with a jade egg, but f you already have a yoni egg you can reach out to Layla’s team and get a discount!