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I’m Anya, Founder of Yoniegg.com and so excited to share a topic I feel strongly empowered to about, not only because October is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month and while self-examination, early detection and awareness are all good things, I believe our breasts deserve more than a regular checkup and self-examination. I would like us to touch our bodies with love gratitude and admiration, not just with fear that we’ll find something wrong.

I used to be that way – feeling like my body is a medical emergency waiting to happen. I was kind of suspicious of my body, and also annoyed by it’s limitations and frustrated by it’s visual ‘imperfections’. Only lately I began to tap into the power and magic of my body, and it’s potential for healing and pleasure, not just pleasure, bliss.

My hope is every woman will experience the magic of breast massage.  

Why am I such an advocate of the breast massage? Well because I have experienced its amazing benefits myself, and so did my friends and many of the women I talk to.

Many women report increased sensitivity and feeling in the breasts, a lot of pleasure, more self-love as well as increased love towards others, lighter moon flow, and here’s the kicker + bonus:) – bigger and perkier breasts!

I personally love it so much, that I find myself mindlessly touching my breasts in public – because it feels so good, -oops! Just can’t help it sometimes!

Breast massage is an ancient Taoist tradition used to create loving connections with your body. Enjoy the benefits of increased sensitivity, vulnerability, power, virility, hormonal health, while empowering your body naturally to build an abundance of energy.

Daily gentle breast massage improves the lymph and blood flow to the tissue and prevents stagnation which can lead to illness. Can you believe it can also increase the skin’s elasticity.

Breasts are an amazing part of a woman’s body capable of alchemically transmuting blood into milk! Energetically they are connected to the heart center and by giving attention to the breasts you are stoking the fire of your own love for yourself and the world around you.

We are often disconnected from our magical breasts due to a busy schedule or media and may feel self-conscious about how they look. By building a connection with your body through conscious and loving touch you will fall in love with the magnificent beauty that your breasts truly are.

Besides that, you might find yourself experiencing a lot more pleasure in your breasts and nipples, or even breast orgasms during lovemaking or self-pleasure. Yes, breastgasms are real.

Men are naturally drawn to the breasts because they can instinctively feel their loving and nurturing energy. We have access to our breasts 24/7 why not take advantage of that and enjoy some play time?;)

Here is a super simple, but effective technique that you can try in the comfort of your own home today:

  1. Use the palm of the hands to gently massage breasts in circles. First move the palms down on the outside, up on the inside.

This direction clears anything that needs to be released: stagnation, energy, emotions. Imagine releasing all the stagnant energy as you are lovingly connecting to your breasts.

  1. Then switch directions and move your palms up on the outside, down on the inside.

This is an energy-building direction. It brings love, life force, and prana to the breasts. It can also grow the breasts in size and brings fullness, aliveness, and perkiness.

Don’t use this direction if there is any growth in the breast – a cyst, etc, because it can increase whatever is there.

  1. If you desire to lighten the menstrual flow perform massage in the clearing direction – down on the outside, up on the inside.  As you are doing it tune into your body and imagine a constant stream of energy flowing from your womb into the breasts. Even if you don’t yet feel the energy, you can simply imagine it. Try it daily for one menstrual cycle, starting on the first day of your moon flow until the first day of the next and see if you notice the difference in your flow. You need to do 100 circles twice a day for it to really work well. It sounds like a lot, but in fact, it only takes a few minutes. When you are done you can switch direction and continue in the energy – building direction if you wish.
  2. This breast massage is amazing to do before or during a yoni egg practice – it prepares the body to work with the egg and builds an energetic connection between the yoni end the heart, breasts and nipples.

This massage can be done over the clothes or better with hands-on bare skin with oil (I recommend using organic, unscented oil: coconut, jojoba, almond).

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with breast massage please leave a comment below!