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There are many well-known doctors, gynecologists and doulas who endorse yoni egg practice. To name a few:

OBGYN Dr. Christiane Northrup, NY Times bestselling author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” and one of the most well-known gynecologists recommends yoni egg practice. She finds proper yoni egg exercises to be superior to doing kegels. Read more HERE

Kelly Brogan MD, NY Times Bestselling Author, recommends yoni eggs. You can read her article featuring yoni eggs HERE.

Paula Mallis, founder of WMN Space, doula and fertility expert endorses yoni eggs:

“I am a fan of the yoni egg! Being open to exploring with this crystal gem gives a woman an opportunity to be more connected and attuned with her (yoni) body. I love all the benefits of the yoni egg from sexual pleasure to strengthening the vaginal walls. As a doula I recommend that my clients explore the yoni egg after giving birth.” Read more HERE

We know of one gynecologist who spoke against yoni eggs in her online blog, Dr. Jen Gunter back in 2017, sparking a controversy around the subject of yoni eggs. Since then, 99% of the articles online that caution against yoni eggs all quote the same article written by Dr. Gunter.

We believe that most of those who advise against yoni eggs have never tried the practice for themselves and therefore don’t fully understand the methods or benefits of using them.  And we also recommend you always consult your medical professional prior to engaging in this practice.