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If you are not doing physical exercises with the egg, but using it in a conscious way to process emotions and as a tool for connection to self, you can use it as much as you like!

For physical practice we recommend starting with about 10-15 minutes multiple times per week to achieve best results. You can do it every day, just keep in mind that if you’ve never engaged those muscles before they might get sore. Treat yoni egg practice like you would starting a new yoga routine or a new workout routine – best to ease into it and build slowly. However, if you are not feeling any negative effects and are loving the practice, you can practice every day.

We do not advise just placing the egg inside the vagina like you would a tampon and walking around with it without engaging in a formal practice prior. This will not produce positive results, and may even create tension in the pelvic floor.

Do not keep the egg inside for more than 8 hours at a time.