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The notion that yoni egg practice is dangerous or harmful comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding about the practice itself.

It comes from the mistaken idea that you are supposed to just put a yoni egg inside the vagina like you would a tampon and go about your day. This understanding is incorrect – your yoni egg can create profound results, but only when it is used with awareness and intent.

Regularly placing a yoni egg inside your vagina and walking around with it without doing an intentional practice prior won’t do much, and over time can create tension in the pelvic floor. Overly tense muscles do not allow pleasure to travel and can even cause pain. When you go to the gym and lift weights you don’t just hold a dumbbell, you do repetitions and alternate between engaging and relaxing the muscles, and ideally you stretch after your workout. Same with the yoni egg exercises!

Think of practicing with it like doing yoni yoga or like a meditation with the focus on your vagina.

Yoni egg practice involves specific physical and breathing exercises that only take 10-15 minutes. The purpose of these exercises is to build strong yet supple muscles and gain awareness and dexterity. It cultivates sensitivity and pleasure potential of the vagina.

The yoni egg can also be used as a tool for self-discovery, for working with stored emotions and to strengthen connection to this part of the body. It can be a beautiful self care ritual!

Some women choose to work with the yoni egg as a part of their spiritual path.

We include a practice guide with every yoni egg order to get you started!