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Vaginal weight lifting is an ancient practice and can indeed be very powerful! If you know the correct technique you can lift weights attaching it to a drilled yoni egg. Vaginal weightlifting aids in moving sexual energy up the spine, which has incredible benefits and also builds stronger muscles.

If you’ve been using yoni egg for some time, feel pretty aware of your muscles and have a natural desire to add weights – you might really like this practice. Advanced yoni egg exercises should be practiced under the guidance of a pelvic specialist or yoni egg instructor. Otherwise weight lifting can put you at risk of damaging delicate nerve wiring and muscles of your pelvic floor.

If your pelvic floor is already excessively tight (pretty common), do not attempt weight lifting until that issue is resolved. Instead focus on practices that help release tension. 

DO NOT practice vaginal weight lifting or yoni egg resistance exercises with a string if you have an IUD – this can reduce its effectiveness as a contraceptive device, as well as create tears in the walls of your uterus.