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Are you interested to know more about what v-steaming herbs are and how to get the best ones that are the most suitable for you? Then, you have reached the right spot. Continue reading to learn about v-steaming, the right herbs to use and why they might become an essential part of your self care tool box, check out testimonials for Devi Steam® herb blend and everything you need to know to properly do a v-steam at home!



What exactly is v-steaming?

Women of all ages across the world perform v-steaming (also known as yoni steaming, vaginal steaming, bajo, or chai-yok), a practice of sitting above a vessel of steaming water with refreshing natural herbs.

This particular self-care routine is made to help you reconnect with the feminine essence as well as your sacred flower.



What are the v-steaming benefits?

For centuries, women have been using this particular traditional ritual to relieve menstrual pain, tone the pelvic floor, and enhance sexual libido.

Here are a few ways v-steaming may benefit you:

  • Assist in postpartum healing
  • Reduces menstrual discomfort and regulates the period
  • Tone and tighten the vagina
  • If the herbs used for steaming have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and otherwise healing properties, v-steaming can help ward off various health conditions in the pelvic region
  • Increase pleasure and sensation while making love
  • Increase libido and promote natural lubrication
  • Assist in removing energetic blocks and heal trauma related to sex
  • Feel more vibrancy and overall well-being of the female reproductive system
  • Give relief from genital dryness and pain connected with menopause
  • And so much more!


Ready to deeply nourish your sacred portal with v-steaming herbs? Try the Devi Steam® proprietary blend comprising of the most effective organic steaming herbs for a smiling and healthy vagina.




How to v-steam properly at your home

Whether you use a steam chair or simply just put a bowl in the toilet (DIY version), our recommendation is – to ensure that the steaming process is performed safely – that the water and herbs should always be a minimum of 16 inches from the vagina, and that the steam goes up the natural way without having a steady source of heat.

During your v-steam ritual in the convenience of your home, wrap a big blanket or sheet around your waist to keep steam from getting out.

A healthy woman could steam in average 2-3 times each month as a part of an overall self-care regime, however, preferably not when they are menstruating.

Please refer to this site for more detailed instructions about how to properly do a v-steam.



V-steaming – A word about basic safety

V-steaming is typically completely safe for pretty much any healthy woman. However, there are several circumstances in which you may want to avoid v-steaming.

  • V-steaming is not to be done by women who are attempting to have a baby or who are already expectant mothers.
  • We do not recommend making use of v-steaming herbs for those who have an intrauterine device (IUD).
    Women who have any kind of internal infection (ovarian, uterine, cervical inflammation), or even a fever, are urged not to steam until the condition is fully healed.
  • Also, women should stay away from v-steaming while going through their monthly periods or while having open blisters or sores.


The basics of picking the best v-steam herbs

Either fresh or dry herbs are suggested. Also, whenever you can, use organically grown ones. Some of the most widely used are:

  • Rosemary: anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and regulates menstrual flow.
  • Mugwort: An all-natural antibacterial and antifungal agent, hormone balancing especially for women, and also has relaxing properties
  • Motherwort: Tonifying and cleansing, astringent, promotes blood flow and relaxes the muscles inside the womb area.
  • Yarrow plant: Astringent, cleansing and tonifying, supports healthy menstruation
  • Calendula flower petals: Helps in dissolving scars and piles (reduces inflammation)
  • Lavender flowers: therapeutic and relaxing, balances menstrual cycles
  • Rose petals: calming, uplifting and astringent


You can create an herbal mix yourself for your v-steam or take advantage of the time tested formula of the Devi Steam® proprietary mix featuring the best organic and great smelling herbs out there, to delicately cleanse, tone, and invigorate your sacred portal and pelvic region. The Devi Steam® proprietary blend is created with love by a certified Ayurvedic specialist.

To maintain or develop a healthy and happy vagina, consider getting the Devi Steam®’s proprietary blend of organic steaming herbs.




Last thoughts

We hope that we provided you with satisfying answers to any questions you may have had around v-steaming herbs and that you feel motivated to take up or go on with this great practice of v-steaming.

If you have any further questions, please speak to us by using our contact form.



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