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Are you interested to learn more about what a vag tightening stick is? Then, you are in the right place.

Read on to learn about the Secret Ceres vagina stick and why the century old practice of using vagina tightening sticks is now getting so popular, read about reviews for the Secret Ceres vagina tightening stick and everything you need to know to properly use the Secret Ceres vagi stick!



So what is a vag tightening stick – What exactly is Secret Ceres?

Secret Ceres™ is a wand or stick made with all-natural herbs and gets placed into your vagina. Secret Ceres™ is an all-natural herbal wand or stick which gets inserted into your vagina. The stick is a combination of highly potent and organic herbs that are known to tighten the vagina which also have countless other nurturing benefits for your vagina.

Secret Ceres has been used and appreciated by thousands of women for centuries especially in Asia as an effective natural means to detox, maintain and rejuvenate sexual organs and also to boost sexual drive.


Secret Ceres – This luxurious herbal vagina stick has many benefits

Secret Ceres is a special made mineral and herbal formula designed to assist the body’s normal cleansing mechanisms while enhancing the flow of blood towards the vaginal area. Secret Ceres accomplishes this by combining the healing benefits of selected herbs. All these natural herbs stimulate tissue regeneration and healing within the vagina.

This is a listing of the most notable Secret Ceres benefits:

  • Naturally firms and tightens the vagina
  • Promote natural vaginal lubrication
  • Improves the pleasure and sexual enjoyment for both partners during sexual activity
  • Rejuvenate and maintain healthy sexual organs
  • Increases vagina mucus generation and supports a healthy vaginal microflora
  • Induces the body’s very own cleansing mechanism inside a woman’s sacred portal
  • Encourages postpartum healing of your vagina (with application not starting before approximately 4 to 6 weeks following childbirth)


How to apply the herbal Secret Ceres stick

There are actually slight variations in the user guidelines that come with every vagina tightening stick, based on their components.

Guidelines for using Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick:

  • Gently moisten the Secret Ceres stick using room temperature water
  • Wash your vagina and place the Secret Ceres into the vagina so that you still hold the end of the stick between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Let it stay inside for 90 seconds.
  • If you feel that the Secret Ceres is “sucking” at the vaginal walls, rotate it every fifteen seconds within the vagina.
  • Immediately after application, place back inside the package after rinsing the Secret Ceres under running water and drying it with a non-colored cloth.
  • That’s how easy it is to make use of the the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick!


For a healthy and smiling vagina, try the Secret Ceres vag tightening stick.



Why and when you should not use a vaginal stick – Side effects and contraindications


  • Are there any side effects associated with applying the Secret Ceres stick? There are no identified side effects when using the all natural Secret Ceres vagi stick. Having said that, please note that vagina tightening sticks from other brands could be of inferior quality and composed of potentially harmful ingredients and therefore may have negative effects.
  • Don’t apply the Secret Ceres during monthly periods or in case you are undergoing vaginal medical treatment.
  • Remember to consult with a physician first in case you have a serious vaginal medical condition, are currently pregnant or just have given childbirth.


For more details concerning the Secret Ceres herbal vagina tightening stick, please go to our Secret Ceres FAQ page.

The Secret Ceres – What is it made from?

According to a traditional recipe, this holistic 100% organic product has only the highest quality natural ingredients – minerals, crystals and potent biodynamically grown herbs to bring nourishment to the woman’s entire being from within.

For the whole list of ingredients, please click here.

Love messages from women who tried Secret Ceres

Many women around the world have experienced and reported great results immediately after making use of the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick:


Bottom line

Hopefully, we were able to answer any questions you may have had around a vag tightening stick in a satisfying way and we really hope that you feel inspired to begin or carry on with this wonderful vagina nurturing and cleansing routine.

For additional information about the Secret Ceres herbal vagi stick, please visit our Secret Ceres FAQ web page.

We really welcome any inquiries you might still have via our contact form.


Give the Secret Ceres herbal vagina stick a try and see it work magic for yourself.