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Are you interested to learn more about the amazing benefits of using a vagi tightening stick and how it can improve your sex life? Then, you are in the right place.

In this article you will learn all you need to know about the Secret Ceres vagi stick and why they might be an essential part of your self pampering tool box, see reviews for the Secret Ceres vagina stick and everything you need to know to properly use the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick!



An herbal vaginal stick – So what does Secret Ceres do?

Secret Ceres™ is a stick or wand made with natural herbs and gets inserted into your sacred portal. This product is made with organic and highly potent herbs that can help you have more tightness, firmness and health for your vagina.

For centuries, Secret Ceres has been applied and loved by Asian women for maintaining, cleansing and re-energizing the vagina as well as for enhancing sexual drive.


Great things about Secret Ceres – The ultimate all-natural vaginal tightening stick

Because of the unique composition, its processing plus the synergetic interaction of specific organic herbal components and minerals, Secret Ceres is designed to nurture the vagina whilst stimulating the body’s very own detox system and also the regeneration of your vaginal skin in a fully natural manner at the same time.

Below is a list of the most notable Secret Ceres benefits:

  • Improves the pleasure and sexual enjoyment for both spouses during intercourse
  • Makes the vagina supple yet firm – No surgery, drugs or chemicals needed!
  • Enhance the level of natural lubrication
  • Rejuvenate and maintain healthy sexual organs
  • Stimulates the body’s internal detox mechanism in a woman’s sacred portal
  • Stimulates postpartum healing of the birth canal (with application only approximately 4 to 6 weeks after delivery)
    Supports a healthy vaginal microflora and vaginal mucosa


Secret Ceres herbal stick instructions for a safe application

Each herbal vagina stick manufacturer recommends slightly different user guidelines, based on the stick’s components.

Here are directions to use Secret Ceres herbal vagi stick:

  • Make the Secret Ceres stick lightly wet with room temperature water
  • Wash your vagina and slide the Secret Ceres inside the vagina so that you still hold the end of the stick in between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Let it sit inside the vagina for 30-90 seconds.
  • If you sense the Secret Ceres “sucking” at the vaginal walls, rotate it every fifteen seconds inside the vagina.
  • Immediately after usage, put back in the package after rinsing the Secret Ceres under water and drying it using a non-colored cloth.
  • This is how straightforward it is to make use of the the Secret Ceres herbal vagi stick!


Would you like to nourish your sacred portal with a vagi tightening stick? Consider getting the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick for a healthy and happy vagina.



Side effects and contraindications – Why and when you should not make use of an herbal vagi stick


  • Are there any unwanted effects associated with using Secret Ceres? Up to now, no unwanted side effects after applying the Secret Ceres herbal vagi tightening sticks have been documented. Having said that, when considering herbal vagina tightening sticks from other brands in the market, please note that they could be of poor quality and made from potentially unhealthy ingredients and so could have unwanted side effects.
  • It is advisable to refrain from applying the Secret Ceres while having your period or when you are using any form of vaginal prescription medication.
  • When you have a vaginal disease which is severe, or if you are an expectant mother or just gave birth, remember to talk to a physician before using Secret Ceres.


Please click our Secret Ceres FAQ site for more information regarding the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick.

What are the components of Secret Ceres?

According to an ancient formula, this wholistic 100% organic product includes only the top quality natural ingredients – crystals, minerals and potent wild and biodynamically grown herbs to give nourishment to a woman’s entire being from the inside.

For the whole list of ingredients, just click here.

Reviews from happy customers who bought Secret Ceres

Countless women all over the world are confirming the spectacular transformation they have been experiencing right after applying the Secret Ceres stick:



In summary

We sincerely hope that we could answer any questions you might have had around a vagi tightening stick and that you feel inspired to begin or continue this wonderful practice for your vagina.

Check out our Secret Ceres FAQ page to find out more regarding the Secret Ceres vaginal stick.

Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions that you may feel are still unanswered via our contact form.


Give the Secret Ceres herbal vagina tightening stick a try and see it work miracles for yourself.