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If you have been wondering about the question ‘What is a vaginal steam?’, you are on the right page. Below you will get to know all about vaginal steaming and the way it can improve your sex life, read testimonials for Devi Steam® herb blend and everything you should know to safely do a vaginal steam at home!



Ancient practice for a nurtured vagina: what is vaginal steaming?

Women around the globe make use of vaginal steaming (also referred to as yoni steaming, v-steaming, bajo, or chai-yok), a technique of sitting over a vessel of boiling water with refreshing natural herbs.

This soothing treatment gives potent support to the female reproductive system, and encourages reconnection with the creative, powerful vitality of the feminine center.



What are the vaginal steam herbs benefits?

For centuries, women have been using this particular ancient ritual to soothe menstrual pain, firm up the pelvic floor, and enhance sexual pleasure.

Here are several ways vaginal steaming could benefit you:

  • Can help relieve menstruous pain and balance the period
  • Support supple and defined vaginal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Assist postpartum recovery
  • Enhance pleasure and sensation during sexual intercourse
  • Wave bye to vaginal dryness and enhance natural lubrication and sexual libido
  • If the herbs used for steaming posses anti-fungal, antibacterial and otherwise healing properties, vaginal steaming can help ward off several medical conditions in the pelvic area
  • Give relief from genital dryness and pain related to menopause
  • Assist in removing energetic blockages and heal any trauma in your sacred portal
  • Improves the female reproductive system as well as overall health
  • And many other benefits!


Ready to nourish your sacred portal with a vaginal steam? Try the Devi Steam® proprietary blend consisting of the most beneficial organic steaming herbs for a healthy and happy vagina.




The right way to do a vaginal steam properly

In order for the treatment to be safe, whether utilizing a steam stool or simply just putting a suitable vessel in the toilet (DIY version), it is recommended that the water and herbs are positioned a minimum of 16 inches away from the vagina, and that the steam rises naturally without having a consistent heat source.

Don’t let any steam get out during your vaginal steam ritual at your home by wrapping a large blanket around your waist down to the floor.

As part of an overall self-care plan, it is recommended that healthy women steam two to three times every month, however, not during your menstruation.

To get more detailed vaginal steam directions, kindly go right here.



Who actually should NOT do a vaginal steam?

Vaginal steaming is generally completely safe for almost any healthy woman. There are actually situations, however, in which you should never steam your vagina.

  • Women who are expecting or looking to become pregnant should not do a vaginal steam.
  • We don’t encourage using vaginal steaming herbs in case you have an IUD (intrauterine device).
  • Women who have any kind of internal infection (cervical, uterine or ovarian infection), or even a fever, are urged not to steam until the symptoms have passed.
  • Furthermore, women need to stay away from vaginal steaming when going through menstruation or when suffering from open blisters or sores.


How you can find the best vaginal steam herbs

It is best to make use of dry or fresh herbs and, when possible, organic. The most frequently used herbs are:

  • Rosemary: anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and stimulates menstruation.
  • Mugwort plant and root: A natural antifungal and antibacterial agent, hormone balancing especially for women, and has relaxing properties
  • Motherwort leaves, flowers and stems: Cleansing and tonifying, astringent, stimulates blood circulation and calms the womb.
  • Yarrow flowers and leaves: Tonifying and cleansing, astringent, regulates menstruation
  • Calendula: Helps in healing scars and hemorrhoids (decreases inflammation)
  • Lavender: healing and relaxing, supports healthy menstruation
  • Rose petals: astringent, mood lifting and relaxing


You may put together an herbal combination yourself for the vaginal steam or take advantage of the proven formula of the Devi Steam® proprietary mix featuring the highest quality aromatic and organic natural herbs out there, to naturally detox, tone, and invigorate your sacred portal and pelvic region. The Devi Steam® proprietary blend is hand crafted together with a loving intention by a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

Ready to nourish your sacred portal with a vaginal steam? Consider getting the Devi Steam® proprietary mix consisting of the very best organic steaming herbs to get a healthy and smiling vagina.





Hopefully, we were able to answer the question ‘What is a vaginal steam?’ in a satisfying way and we hope that you also feel inspired to pursue or carry on with this amazing practice.

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