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Yoni Sphere – Yoni Egg – Discover Your True Erotic Blueprint And Your Sensuality

Do you wish to know more about the amazing benefits of using a Yoni Sphere or Yoni Egg? By the way, ‘Yoni Sphere’ is usually called a ‘Yoni Egg’ and if you read on, you will get to know all about Yoni Eggs and what you need to know before buying a Yoni Egg for yourself or a friend!


What is a Yoni egg?

Yoni Eggs are crystals cut into the form of a small egg and meant to be carefully put in the vaginal canal. The traditional material of choice is actually nephrite jade or other body-safe, hard and non-porous gemstones.

“Yoni” is actually a Sanskrit word for female genitalia, it means “Sacred Space” – really a suitable term for this magnificent area of the woman’s body.


What are Yoni Eggs used for? Why would I get one?

Yoni Eggs could assist you in increasing sensitivity and natural lubrication inside your vagina, enjoying more pleasure and in opening you up to new types of orgasm.

Yoni eggs amplify pleasure by supporting you to build up more sensitivity and new awareness, and through eliminating any roadblocks in the way – not really through aiming for additional stimuli. A woman’s potential to experience pleasure is limitless!

Yoni egg assists in building connection between you, your vagina and also your body, leading you to feel much more grounded and energized.

It can encourage emotional healing and releasing of negative beliefs about self and sexuality, thereby creating space for more self love and more freedom.

While originally developed in Far Eastern cultures, Yoni Egg practice is gaining popularity quickly in the Western world.

Practicing with Yoni Eggs includes a series of unique physical exercises and breathing techniques performed with mindfulness. Therefore, one can view Yoni Egg practice as yoga or a meditation practice for your yoni. These exercises are just like kegel exercise routines, yet better.

Nonetheless, the physical component is not the main reason why so many Yoni Egg practitioners love this particular practice and are also reporting excellent results.

Probably the most wonderful thing about Yoni Egg practice is the avenue it provides for us to connect with the most intimate area of the body and our own nervous system in a radically new way.

Yoni Egg practice gives us an opportunity to break outdated habitual patterns that don’t serve us anymore which we may have developed throughout our lifetime, especially regarding our body and also our sexuality – and then to develop new ones that are more conducive for our wellbeing.


Provide your root chakra some nourishing care and get a ‘Yoni Sphere‘ or Yoni Egg!




What Are Benefits Of Yoni Egg Exercises?

What other Yoni Egg practitioners have experienced as a result of their frequent Yoni Egg practice:

  • Bring your sexual energy to the next level and feel more vibrant in your everyday life
  • Say bye to vaginal dryness and increase the level of natural lubrication – it doesn’t matter how old you are
  • Uncover your true sensuality and also your erotic blueprint.
  • Healing of emotional wounds and improved overall physical well-being.
  • Feel more embodied and grounded.
  • Bring noticeably more joy and sensitivity into your love life.
  • Experiencing a lot more intimacy and connection with your partner.
  • Getting more orgasmic and finding new ways to orgasm – vaginal, g spot, cervical, etc.
  • Several moms who have just given birth do Yoni Egg practices to assist in after birth recovery.
  • Develop strong and articulate, but relaxed muscles in your vagina.
  • Bring your self love routine to the next level.
  • Several women noticed a reduction of PMS related irritability, menstrual cramping and the duration of their period after regular Yoni Egg practice.
  • Relate to yourself, your entire body and your yoni in an intimate and nourishing way.
  • And so much more!



Yoni Egg Reviews – Love Messages From Our Happy Customers About Our Yoni Eggs



How To Choose The Best Yoni Egg For Beginners? A Short Yoni Egg Guide

A Yoni Egg is definitely a personal thing and therefore we believe that every woman intuitively feels which resonates the most.

If you are unsure what kind of Yoni Egg to choose, we recommend a medium sized drilled Nephrite Jade egg in case it is your first time getting a Yoni Egg or if you are getting a Yoni Egg as a present for another person. Here are some useful guidelines explaining why we recommend choosing a medium drilled Nephrite Jade Egg to start with.


How To Find The Right Yoni Egg Crystal?

Yoni Eggs are typically made from many varieties of stunning and unique gemstones.

The majority are safe to put inside your yoni, but please know that not every type of crystal is safe to be placed in the yoni, particularly for long periods of time. We carry under our Love Stone brand the below body safe and GIA certified Yoni Egg crystals:

  • Jade Yoni Eggs:
    Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs, Black Jade Yoni Eggs, Blue Jade Yoni Eggs, White Jade Yoni Eggs, Siberian Jade Yoni Eggs, Lilac Jade Egg, Rainbow Jade Egg
  • Obsidian Yoni Eggs
  • Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

According to Taoist practices, there are three types of gemstones used. Women would begin with healing Jade, then go on to Black Obsidian to integrate and work with her ‘shadow,’ and after that when she feels ready, she would use Rose Quartz which opens the Heart. Those types of gemstones have been practiced with for for millennia and their healing benefits and safety are time tested.

The most common crystal among people who are new to Yoni Egg practice is Genuine Nephrite Jade, which we recommend starting your Yoni Egg practice with for the following reasons:

  • Nephrite Jade is a quite hard and non-porous gemstone and it will not get damaged if you unintentionally let it fall on the floor in the early beginnings of your Yoni Eggs practice.
  • It has a very high thermal conductivity and therefore your body does not need to work so hard to make it warm.
  • Nephrite jade is an excellent stone if your intention is to do Yoni Egg exercises (it naturally has a comfortable and solid weight).
  • Nephrite jade is a very balancing gemstone for the body and particularly for the female reproductive organs.
  • Jade protects the owner from outside negativity. Its energy is powerful while being soft and protective. It can be worn by most women for longer periods of time while energizing, nourishing and grounding her.

While it is our advice that you start the practice with a Jade Yoni Egg, please listen to your own body and intuition. It is your practice and no one could provide you with better guidance. So, if you feel guided to work with a different gemstone or a variety of different crystals, you should do it! Even if it is your first Yoni Egg.



What Do I Need To Know About Yoni Egg Sizes?

Yoni Eggs normally can be found in 3 sizes: small Yoni Eggs, medium sized Yoni Eggs and large Yoni Eggs.

Most practitioners usually can begin with a medium sized Egg – which measures 30x45mm. It makes no difference if you are a taller woman or are more petite – it all will depend on how solid your pelvic floor muscles are and also whether you have delivered a baby before.

This might appear a little counter-intuitive, but if the pelvic floor area is weaker it usually is better to start out with a larger Yoni Egg. With continued Yoni Egg practice, you may switch to a smaller Yoni Egg size. So in case you have given birth before, went through menopause or are not certain what Yoni Egg size to start with, you may want to choose a set of 3 different size eggs.

With a set, you could start practicing with a large egg and then gradually, in your own pace, work your way down in size, or use different sizes as you feel called.

A smaller Yoni Egg is for you, if you are an experienced Yoni Egg practitioner. Also, choose a small egg in case your pelvic floor muscles feel excessively tight.


Should I Choose A Yoni Egg With String? What Are The Benefits? And What Is The Difference Between Undrilled Yoni Eggs And Drilled Yoni Eggs?

Drilled Yoni Eggs can be used for Yoni Egg practice with a string. They have a tiny hole drilled into them, through which you can put a string. This allows for quick retrieval of the Yoni Egg during practice. Please note: You could also practice with a drilled Yoni Egg without a string.

The advantage of an undrilled Yoni Egg is that it can be easier to clean. But you may not be able to extract an undrilled Yoni Egg as easily as you would using a string. Note that there are several very easy ways to get the undrilled Yoni Egg out safely.

Are you having difficulty deciding to get a drilled Yoni Egg or an undrilled one? Tune into yourself for a moment and imagine how you would feel using a drilled egg and an undrilled Yoni Egg, which one are you more comfortable with? There is no right or wrong choice to make.

Bring your self-care routine to the next level and buy one of our Yoni Eggs now!



Where To Buy Yoni Eggs And Be Sure They Are GIA Certified?

As Yoni Eggs are becoming increasingly popular in the West, you need to beware of the numerous fakes and stones made of lower quality pressed stone chips on the Yoni Egg market.

Look for GIA certification to make sure the Yoni Egg is of high quality. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the highest-regarded certification institutes in the world in the field of gemology and jewelry.

Please don’t use a stone from a crystal store that is not explicitly sold as a Yoni Egg. Harsh chemicals, colorings and artificial additives are widely-used during the manufacturing process of most decorative crystals sold on the market today.

Our Love Stone brand promises the very best quality standards for all our different Yoni Eggs, ben wa balls and crystal wands. No chemical substances or dyes are used during the manufacturing process. Our Yoni Eggs come with GIA certification. We have three step quality-control and manually inspect every single crystal prior to delivering it to you. You can buy our high-quality Yoni Eggs in our online store.


Yoni Egg Experience – Testimonials From Women Who Purchased One Of Our Yoni Eggs