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Did you know of yoni sticks infused with powerful yoni tightening cleansing herbs?

Here, you will get to know all about the Secret Ceres herbal yoni stick and why this century old practice of using an herbal vaginal stick is so popular, see Secret Ceres vaginal stick reviews and everything you need to know to safely use the Secret Ceres herbal vaginal stick!



What is a yoni stick with yoni tightening cleansing herbs – What exactly is Secret Ceres for?

Secret Ceres™ is an all-natural herbal wand or stick which carefully gets placed inside your sacred portal. The product consists of organic and highly potent herbs that can help you have more firmness, tightness and health for your yoni.

Secret Ceres has been used and cherished by innumerable women for centuries especially in Asia as a natural way to detox, maintain and invigorate sexual organs as well as to heighten sexual desire.


Secret Ceres – An herbal vaginal stick with numerous benefits

Due to its special composition, the way its has been produced as well as the synergetic interaction of selected herbs and minerals, Secret Ceres is designed to nurture the yoni while simultaneously stimulating the body’s very own cleansing system as well as the rejuvenation of your vaginal skin in a fully natural way.

The following are some of the most notable Secret Ceres benefits:

  • Improves sensitivity of the yoni, and thus contributes to a better sexual experience
  • Naturally firms and tightens the yoni
  • Raise the level of natural lubrication in your yoni
  • Rejuvenate and maintain healthy sexual organs
  • Improves odor and cleanses the yoni
  • Helps postpartum healing of your yoni (with treatment not beginning before around 4-6 weeks following childbirth)
    Supports a healthy, balanced and hygienic intimate flora


Secret Ceres: exactly how to use the herbal tightening stick

The user directions for every herbal vaginal stick vary slightly based on its composition.

Listed here are instructions to use Secret Ceres herbal yoni stick:

  • Wet the entire Secret Ceres stick lightly using room temperature water
  • Wash your yoni and mindfully put the Secret Ceres inside the yoni so that you still grasp the end of the stick between your thumb and index finger.
  • Let it stay inside for 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Rotate Secret Ceres every 15 seconds inside your yoni, if you sense it “sucking” against the walls.
  • Right after using the stick, wash the Secret Ceres under running water, dry using a non-colored towel and put back in the package.
  • This is how simple it really is to make use of the the Secret Ceres stick!


Try the Secret Ceres yoni tightening stick and see for yourself the benefits yoni tightening cleansing herbs can offer your yoni.



Read this before applying an herbal vaginal tightening stick – Contraindications and side effects


  • Are there any side effects in connection with applying Secret Ceres? Up to now, no unwanted side effects from applying the Secret Ceres herbal yoni tightening sticks have been documented. Nevertheless, when considering yoni sticks from other brands, please be aware that they may be of lower quality and made from potentially harmful ingredients and therefore might have negative effects.
  • Do not use the Secret Ceres during menstruation or if you are undergoing vaginal medical treatment.
  • When you have a vaginal disease that is severe, or if you are pregnant or just gave childbirth, you need to talk to a doctor prior to using Secret Ceres.


Please visit our Secret Ceres FAQ page to find out more about the Secret Ceres yoni stick.

What are the components of Secret Ceres?

In accordance with a traditional recipe, this wholistic 100% organic product includes the highest quality natural ingredients – powerful wild and biodynamically grown and processed herbs, and also beneficial crystals and minerals to deliver nutrition for a woman’s entire being from within.

Visit here for the full list of ingredients.

Secret Ceres reviews

Thousands of women around the globe have shared their remarkable results from applying this herbal product:




We sincerely hope that we were able to answer any questions you might have had around yoni sticks with yoni tightening cleansing herbs and that you feel motivated to begin or continue this amazing practice for your yoni.

To learn more concerning the Secret Ceres vaginal tightening stick, please go to our Secret Ceres FAQ site.

Our team welcome any inquiries you might still have by using our contact page form.


To maintain or develop a healthy and blissful yoni, check out the Secret Ceres vaginal stick with yoni tightening cleansing herbs.