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What are Yoni Eggs?

We all want to feel more strongly connected to our bodies, our sexuality, our partners and ourselves. You are reading this because you know more is possible. You are right.

Yoni egg, jade egg, or love egg – are names for a beautiful semiprecious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina.

Female practice that involved using stone eggs is estimated to be 5,000 years old. Eggs carved out of jade were used by empresses and concubines of the royal palace in China to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health into their old age. For a very long time this secret practice was only available to members of the royal family, and up until recently – to select Taoist practitioners.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia and means “sacred space”. Its symbol has been worshiped in Eastern culture since ancient times for bestowing life, creativity and love. We will be using the term Yoni to bring appreciation and acknowledgement to the Western culture of the creative power this magical part of the female body holds.

You may start experiencing these benefits in just two weeks:

  • Increase libido and awaken your sensuality.
  • Increase natural lubrication at any age!
  • Develop an intimate and loving relationship with your yoni, your entire body, and ultimately yourself.
  • Increase sensitivity during intercourse.
  • Become much more orgasmic.
  • Some moms use yoni eggs to assist in after birth recovery.
  • Gain control over the vaginal muscles and rock your lover’s world.
  • Enhance your Tantra, Qigong, and yoga practice.
  • Some women that use yoni eggs report a reduction of PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps and the duration of the menses.
  • Improve overall health and well-being.

The Yoni Egg isn’t just an exquisite accessory that will add charm to your nightstand. It isn’t just a great tool for kegel exercises or a way to maintain health and well being, have better orgasms and more fulfilling sex. The Yoni Egg is an ancient, sacred tool for spiritual transformation. Each crystal has unique properties that can affect your body in many different ways.

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  1. Becky

    I am so excited to try my new Yoni eggs. I purchased the set of 3 medium drilled eggs in Jade, Obsidian, and Rose Quartz and then decided I wanted the undrilled eggs. I reached out for support in changing my order to undrilled eggs and added the Lilac Jade medium size. I worked with Shoshana and she was a delight to work with and extremely helpful. Can’t wait to try my new eggs! 🙂

    • Anya

      Thank you for your kind words, gorgeous!
      It made me so happy reading your comment:) Would love to hear how the journey is unfolding!

  2. Mary

    Hi, when will the wands be back in stock? Not wanting to spend over $200 for the jade wand, although it is very nice. Trying to stay closer to the $100 price range. Thank you for your time,

    • anyayurenya

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for your question!
      I understand about the jade wand. Unfortunately authentic nephrite jade is very expensive, and the wands are carved by hand with diamond tools, but we are currently looking for ways to make them more affordable.

      Curved obsidian wands are gorgeous and should be back in stock within 2 weeks!

  3. Akeshia Climons

    Will I be able to use the yoni egg since I have had a partial hesterectomy? I no longer have a uterus.

    • Shoshana

      Hi Akeshia! Yes, you should be able to use a yoni egg with a partial hysterectomy. In women who still have the cervix, it prevents the egg from going outside the vaginal canal. If a woman had her cervix removed, the surgeon sews together the tissue to make sure the vaginal cavity is enclosed. You should be fine, but as with any preexisting condition we advise to check with your doula, pelvic specialist or doctor. Definitely wait sufficient amount of time after the surgery to make sure your body is healed. Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you!

  4. Trstevens01

    Hello, o have purchased the rainbow jadeite. What is the longest a yoni egg can be inside? Mine has been inserted for 4 days. Is this normal?

    • Shoshana

      We suggest you take your egg out at least once a day to clean it and to give your yoni a break. It is perfectly safe to clean the egg with organic, unscented soap or iodine in water and letting it air dry. You can choose to insert it back in, but we do recommend women to wear the eggs for no more than 4-8 hours at a time. If you choose to sleep with it please make sure to remove it in the morning. It is wonderful to wear the egg for long periods of time, as long as you are taking care to keep it clean and taking breaks from it to let your body rest.

  5. Elle

    Eight months ago I was diagnosed with cancer of my uterus and left ovary. I grieved over the inevitable loss of my womb and everything else that identified me as a woman. I had been using my Yoni egg for a while and had developed a connection with it. My yoni brought deep healing to me and became my new womb. It filled a sense of loss within me.

    • Anya

      Elle, I got chills reading your comment and I am in awe of your innate wisdom.
      Indeed when it comes to sexual organs even when the physical organ is removed, the energetic organ is still there. I’ve heard of women that had hysterectomy and who are experiencing cervical orgasms.
      I am so happy you connected with your energetic womb!
      Thank you for sharing your story, it is important for women who are going through a similar passage to hear it.
      Sending you so much love!

    • Jeanine

      Yasssssss that is so beautiful so much love to you. Aho sister.

      • Shoshana


        Many Blessings to you!


  6. Kit

    When will the set of 3 – L obsidian, M jade, S rose quartz be back in stock? I’d like to purchase but may go with the single jade if it will be a long while. Thanks!

  7. Claudia

    I want to purchase some products but read not to use if you have an IUD Why can’t you use it if you have an IUD?

    • Shoshana


      Thank you for your question. The reason we do not recommend yoni eggs for women with IUDs is because there is a chance the egg could knock the IUD out of place, rendering it ineffective. I am not able to give medical advice, so please check with your doctor, doula or pelvic specialist before using a yoni egg. Let me know if any other questions come up!


  8. Letícia

    Hi! Is there an import fee for orders shipped to Brasil??

    Thank you!

    • Shoshana

      Hi Letícia,

      Thank you for your question. I have not heard any reports from our Brazilian customers that they had to pay an import fee, but it is quite possible they might charge you. The packages are not tax-exempt. In my experience, they only charge an import fee sometimes, and on some packages. Thank You!


  9. Silje

    Help, I orders 3 yoni eggs in the start of February and was wondering how long it’s going to take?

    • Shoshana


      Would you please tell me what the name or email is on your order? I am happy to find out when your egg will arrive. With International orders,packages can take several weeks to arrive as they must pass through the customs process.

  10. Marie

    I purchased the undrilled egg and I cannot get it out! Obviously I will never use this egg again (unfortunately I bought two), but how do I get it out without having to go to the emergency room? I am very concerned.

    • Shoshana


      No worries! I can help! A couple of days is nothing to be concerned about, as sometimes the yoni egg may become stuck, but not to worry, here are some tips for getting it out.

      First of all, it is important to relax, trust the process and use this as an opportunity to know your body and allow the crystal to do the healing work. It is a perfect time to meditate, listen to your thought and emotions, journal.

      To help expel the egg squat or sit on the toilet, relax. Be prepared to catch the egg. Add lubrication, like coconut oil or your lubricant of choice. Breathe deeply and relax. Push (gently!) You can help hook it with your clean finger. Do not push hard and avoid creating any uncomfortable sensations.

      Vaginal muscles tend to tense unconsciously from stress, so if you are relaxed it will help the egg to come out quickly.

      If you are having trouble relaxing, a good trick is to consciously relax your jaw muscles. The jaw is connected to the yoni, so if you relax your jaw, the muscles of the pelvic floor will also relax.

      Additionally, sometimes doing exercises can help release the egg. Let the gravity help you!:) If you are a runner you can go on a run, or you can try jumping (for example on your bed or on a trampoline) – the egg will usually come out.

      Most importantly, there is no reason for alarm as the egg will not travel past the cervix.

      With more practice you will be able to expel the egg on command.

      If this does not work, please let me know, you can contact me directly at [email protected]

      Warm Regards,



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