Free-Bleeding FAQ

1. What is free-bleeding? Free-bleeding refers to the practice of menstruating without the use of external menstrual products such as pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. Instead, women allow menstrual blood to flow freely from the body, embracing the natural process of menstruation without the constraints of traditional period management methods.

2. Why would someone choose to free-bleed? Women may choose to free-bleed for various reasons, including comfort, freedom of movement, environmental sustainability, and a desire to challenge societal taboos surrounding menstruation. Free-bleeding offers a sense of empowerment and liberation, allowing women to connect more deeply with their bodies and the natural rhythms of menstruation.

3. Is free-bleeding messy? While free-bleeding may involve some level of messiness, many women find that with proper preparation and support, it can be a clean and comfortable experience. Using supportive products such as a waterproof intimacy blanket can help manage any potential mess or stains, making free-bleeding a more practical and convenient option.

4. Is free-bleeding hygienic? With proper hygiene practices, free-bleeding can be just as hygienic as using traditional menstrual products. In fact, you may feel inspired to shower or bath more frequently on the days you free-bleed as compared to when you are using products such as tampons, pads, or a menstrual cup.

5. How do I start free-bleeding? If you're interested in trying free-bleeding, start by educating yourself about the practice and familiarizing yourself with your menstrual cycle. Begin slowly, experimenting with free-bleeding during lighter days of your period or when you're at home and able to monitor your flow more closely. Invest in supportive products such as a waterproof intimacy blanket to help manage any potential mess or stains and make the transition to free-bleeding easier and more comfortable.

6. Can I free-bleed in public? While free-bleeding in public is technically possible, it may not be practical for everyone due to concerns about leaks, stains, and societal taboos surrounding menstruation. Some women may feel more comfortable free-bleeding in the privacy of their own homes or in nature. Ultimately, it's essential to prioritize your comfort and well-being and choose the approach to menstruation that feels right for you.

7. What if I have to leave the house? Part of the value of free-bleeding is that it invites us to slow down and modify the pace of our lives during menstruation to more fully honor our bodies and cycle - this usually means staying home! But in the case that it feels right to leave the house, socialize, or run errands, then we recommend using period panties or organic cotton pads.

8. Do you just let the blood run down your legs and get everywhere in your house? One of the shifts that happens when women start practicing free-bleeding, is that it can start to become more clear when your body needs to "release" blood and so you can make sure you are on the toilet or sitting on your waterproof blanket when that occurs. But yes - it can be ok to just let the blood run down your legs! And in terms of concerns about that making a mess, that's why we recommend a waterproof blanket. You can put the blankets on your furniture, bedding, or wherever you want to sit.