Love Stone Mission statement

We are passionate about empowering women through celebrating the feminine. We want women to get more in touch with their amazing bodies, awaken sensuality and cultivate more self love.

Our Vision

This is a new era when beauty is developed from the inside out. We no longer need to be given a diamond to feel beautiful and empowered – that is the old paradigm. If a diamond represents loss of freedom, a Yoni Egg represents reclaiming our own power. Now we can give ourselves tools to help us step into our higher potential.

We strive for more women around the world to learn about and adopt their own Yoni Egg practice. When starting the Love Stone we wanted to create a brand that women could trust. Being a little bit of a health nut from Boulder, Colorado, we cherry pick all of our crystals and make sure they are flawless, organic, and will be a great addition to your night stand.

This website was created as resource to blend together knowledge on health, spirituality, science, sex and relationships to help brave love ninjas like you, navigate your own powerful journey. I applaud you – reclaiming your feminine power is not easy, but luckily we are walking this path together and can support each other.

About Us

Hi, my name is Anya, I am co-creator of the Love Stone project.

I grew up in Moscow, Russia. That’s where I got my engineering degree. After moving to Colorado I  worked at two of the largest software companies in the US.

Throughout my education and career I have been familiar and comfortable in with my masculine essence – this was useful when communicating and succeeding in the corporate world. Something felt off though, and life was not fulfilling. I knew more was possible.

A few years ago I decided to dive into my feminine and go deeper into my body.

I am lucky to call Boulder, Colorado my home, it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, a mecca for health conscious people and walkers of different spiritual paths. On my journey here I’ve touched on various physical and spiritual practices, including yoga, qi gong, Buddhist meditation, tantra, ecstatic dance, authentic relating, and shamanic journeying. Discovering my feminine has evoked many powerful experiences within. Amazing and painful, empowering and challenging; a beautiful and sometimes a scary ride and just continues to become more fascinating. I do not take anything at face value and always test ideas with my own experience.

Recently I became enchanted with my ancestral roots and connected with the female Shaman community from Siberia. Slavic women have always known to be strong characters and since ancient times produced powerful shamans, psychics and healers. Right now I am excited to dive deeper into my lineage and the wisdom stored in my DNA.

I want to introduce you to my favorite feminine practice – Yoni Eggs.

Awakening and owning your sexuality it is one of the great and truly empowering results from practicing with Yoni Egg, but not the only one. Yoni Egg is a beautiful and very sweet practice that cultivates self love and puts you more in touch with your amazing body, and ultimately with yourself. These beautiful crystals are shortcuts to realizing – All you need is already within you.  

Love, Anya