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Online Courses

We collaborate with the world’s leading sexuality experts who’s work we personally  experienced and are now excited to share! Online courses we chose to feature are top quality, and we hope they’ll support you on your journey of healing, pleasure, empowerment and soul expansion.

Obliss by Layla Martin

 Learn how to let go of sexual hangups and have all the pleasure you deserve with this six week Orgasmic Masterclass for women.

Learn how to let go of sexual hangups and have all the pleasure you deserve with my six week Orgasmic Masterclass for women

A 6-week masterclass on how to experience an incredible connection to your body, expansive orgasms, and delicious pleasure.

The modules teach the four foundations of a holistic sexual experience, including how to use your breath, sounding, movement, and awareness to heal your sexuality and experience increased intimacy, sensation, and pleasure.

Obliss is perfect for women who want to experience deep self-love and self-confidence while also boosting their pleasure levels and capacity to feel.

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Men's Sexual Mastery

Unlock Your Full Masculine Power & Sexual Potential with this new 7 week Sexual Masterclass for men.


A 7-week course for men on how to experience sexual mastery, sexual power, and a deep inner connection to themselves.

This course takes men through three sexual trainings – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – that equip them with incredible sensitivity and connection while also creating a space of sexual empowerment and teaching them how to be multi-orgasmic.

They’ll also explore emotional mastery, what it means to be a modern man, and the alchemy of the masculine and the feminine. 

Sexual Mastery is excellent for you if you want to work with male clients or couples – you can join the course even if you’re a woman.


FREE Virtual Pleasure School by Layla Martin

Experience the Deepest Pleasure Your Body Can Offer

You’re invited to attend 4 hour-long life-enhancing classes that will teach you how to:

  • Use 5 Sacred Sexuality tools to unlock your orgasmic potential and experience the deepest pleasures your body can offer.
  • Discover cervical activation and cervical orgasms to unleash your Inner Goddess.
  • Learn about the secret pleasures of your breasts: Discover breast orgasms, nipple orgasms, heart orgasms, and the glorious benefits of breast massage.
  • Learn the process you can use to transform your orgasms into full-body orgasms. Plus, you’ll discover the 5 things that can block full-bodied orgasms and how to avoid them in your own sex life to experience epic amounts of pleasure.

Unlock the richest pleasures your body can offer and learn Sacred Sexuality tools for epic orgasms with a world renown love and sexuality teacher Layla Martin in this FREE Virtual Pleasure School!


Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough

Explore your Eroticism and take charge of your Sexuality. Solo or with a Partner.

Limited time offer!

There’s a Giant Myth that some people are just sexually Incompatible.

But it’s NOT true.

We are not sexually incompatible or have mismatched libido. What if we just not yet learned how to speak each other’s languages of intimate connection and sexual fulfillment?

Have you heard of love languages?

There are also sexual languages or primary ways that each of us likes to experience pleasure, turn on, and sexual fulfillment. They are called Erotic Blueprints™.

There are 5 different erotic blueprint types:

and Shapeshifter

Each type has different turn-ons and turn-offs for pleasure and sex. Netflix has featured Erotic Blueprint in the “Sex, Love and Goop” series.


Most of the time, our partners and we have the opposite type. (opposites attract!) Which means we get to expand our horizons! But without that understanding, it can also be confusing and frustrating!

The Erotic Blueprint founder, Jaiya, creates the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ course to help you make significant breakthroughs in your love and intimate life, whether you are single or have a partner.

The 8-module signature course provides a common language that connects all erotic possibilities!

Over 5000 people worldwide have joined the course. The journey involves

  • uncovering your pleasure map and erotic type
  • healing limiting beliefs
  • expressing desire and pleasure verbally and through body language

Take the course in your private space and at your pace. Follow the audio and video guides for embodied solo and partner practices!

Sign up at any time. It comes with four monthly calls on pleasure mastery and sexy tips, and membership to Erotic Freedom Club at no extra cost.

Limited Time Bundle Offer!

Get TWO private coaching sessions with lady Jin AND the course for only $1090 (the value of two coaching calls is $800) before December 8th.

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*The price of the course goes up to $1980 after December 8th.